Methocarbamol (the energetic component contained in Robaxin) vials for treatment consist of polyethylene glycol 300 (PEG 300). Bigger amounts of PEG 300 could boost preexisting renal acidosis as well as urea retention in people with kidney deficiency. [Ref]

Robaxin 500mg.

Kidney side effects consisting of urine staining (black, blue, brown, or eco-friendly) have been reported after oral management in some people. [Ref]

For Intravenous as well as Intramuscular Use Only. Complete grown-up dosage ought to not go beyond 30 mL (3 vials) a day for greater than 3 consecutive days other than in the treatment of tetanus. A like program may be duplicated after a drug-free period of 48 hrs if the problem continues. Dose and regularity of treatment must be based upon the seriousness of the condition being dealt with and also restorative feedback noted.

For the relief of signs and symptoms of mild level, one dose of 1 gram (one 10 mL vial) could be adequate. Generally this shot need not be duplicated, as the administration of the dental form will typically maintain the relief initiated by the shot. For the severest cases or in postoperative problems where oral management is not feasible, additional doses of 1 gram might be repeated every 8 hrs up to a maximum of 3 g/day for no even more compared to 3 successive days.

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